Tulip filter


Water filtered with a Nazava water purifiers is hundred percent safe for human consumption. Compared to boiling, water purified with a Nazava water filter is healthier because dust and particles are removed together with harmful organic components and chlorine.

The Tulip filter is rechargeable and available for sale.


he water filter candle consists of ceramic that is impregnated with silver and with a core of activated carbon.

Ceramic has very small pores. Because of that particles greater than half a micron (0.0005 millimeter) cannot pass. This means that all bacteria cysts,parasites, spores of fungi and other microorganisms are filtered out by the ceramic water filter.

Activated carbon within the water filter candle, reduces the content of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and chlorine and improves the taste.

Silver kills micro-organisms that are trapped at the surface of the ceramic.

Tulip ceramic water filter candle
Pore size 0.4 micron
Made of Ceramic, nano silver, activated carbon  
Water Filter Candle needs to be changed each 7000 litres of filtered water
Price 125.000
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